RUSH has been in business since 1981, providing a wide range of employer-related services. Our job is to partner with your business and help you succeed! Request an Employee


A solution for employers who need workers on a short-term basis! Let RUSH find great employees for you.


Many businesses choose temp-to-hire as an efficient and cost-effective way to find that next long-term employee. RUSH can recruit/screen/test and allow you to ultimately interview/hire employees who will work at your location while on RUSH’s payroll for a predetermined period (typically 90 days). This gives you the opportunity to really see the employee’s work habits, personality, etc., and allows you the flexibility to simply take them on to your payroll or not.

Direct Hire Services

Businesses can choose to use RUSH strictly as a “direct hire” recruiting source. Give us pertinent information about any position you are filling, and let RUSH find that critical employee for you.

Forklift Certification

RUSH offers complete on-site forklift certification for your business. California State Law requires every forklift operator to be certified. We bring everything required (classroom instruction materials, including videos, tests, evaluation sheets, and traffic cones). You provide your own forklift! After certification, RUSH will provide your business and your employees with proof of certification.


RUSH believes that “safety is job one,” and a safe business is a better business! RUSH can provide your business with safety inspections/evaluations for CAL/OSHA safety compliance.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

We provide workers’ compensation coverage for all RUSH temp-to-hire or temporary employees assigned to your jobsite(s).